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His Name is David

When humanity and spontaneity collide! Every day when I drive back from Soweto, my head is swimming with the events of the day, good-bad-and-indifferent! However, when I turn the corner at Multichoice for that last stretch to home base, I see a guy at the entrance to Multichoice waving with exuberance and big smiles! He smiles; I can’t help but smile. Today I decided to stop and thank him. I wanted to tell him how much his smile and wave impacted my day! I am posting this; some might think, why? His enthusiasm moved me, what it meant to me and what we can all do to make someone's day- " a wave and a smile!" I posted my experience on LinkedIn and seven days later, 18,000 people viewed the post. "I wasn't the only one impacted by David's story."

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