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Call Tiber!

Tiber Construction sends the expertise.

George, a Supervisor from TIBER Construction and Mabasa, framing the section of the ramp to be re-poured.

"If you believe it will work out, you'll see opportunities. If you believe it won't, you will see obstacles. " Wayne Dyer

Growing Up Africa saw obstacles! When the concrete was poured, polishing the concrete was not specified. When polishing was decided, the finish was different because the aggregate in the mix was not consistent. A decision was made to take out the concrete and re-pour. Simple. Not so! An important part of our work is to ensure the local laborers receive training that will ensure they are learning with each new challenge. This was an opportunity to take what was, identify the challenge, find a solution and act in real-time and on a live construction project. However, we needed the expertise of one of South Africa's leading construction companies. We called on Tiber Construction, and within 24 hours, one of the Directors came to the site to assess the challenge, at least, our challenge. Within 48 hours, the job was completed.

George, Mabasa, Thabiso, building the formwork around the grid fabricated and sponsored by Andrew Mentis, ready for the concrete pour. Andrew Mentis has also fabricated a similar 150 grid to be installed along the knee wall.

Select Volunteers, Sponsors, and those with expertise from small and large construction companies and suppliers to the industry have all participated in Growing Up Africa's current project: the Devland Soweto Education Campus.

Thank you, George, Mabasa, Thabiso, and especially TIBER CONSTRUCTION, for their endless encouragement, support, and commitment to humanitarian work, most of all, the most ambitious GUA project.

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