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GOLF SHOES? iTe? What's this all about?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Growing Up Africa's campus project is an extraordinary platform to develop and showcase innovative products and technologies. The collaboration and sponsorship between iTe, Belgotex, and Kirk Marketing to install the flooring presents additional opportunities to improve and showcase their work and supply to the construction industry. For 5 full days, iTe has had a videographer on-site, capturing the entire process.

iTe Products has developed a complete flooring system which builds up layer by layer to give you a perfectly level, water, and damp-proofed screed ready for the floor covering of your choice. In this project, the flooring is sponsored by a world-renowned flooring supplier, Belgotex, and Kirk Marketing. Advanced adhesives ensure that the flooring stays in place, with a bond as durable as every system component. iTe guarantees your success from the ground up. That's why we asked you to "look down first!"

So you thought you were going golfing! These spikes weren't made for walking. They were designed and made for iTe installers to wear while pouring and leveling the critical and final iTe self-leveling product, LEVEL iTe, F30.

Why not come see for yourself? While you might be inclined to look up at the "flying roof"on arrival, you will want to come on inside the main campus building, and "look down," to appreciate a job well-done by the iTe installers.

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