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What do you do with your pallets? How about a "tool trolley?"

GROWING UP AFRICA's community outreach program focuses on teaching locals how to start small businesses using redundant materials for reuse. GUA's projects are meticulous, not to waste. Wherever possible, reuse is considered.

Our go-to "welder," EKG Welding, is our resident welding company located just 1km from the campus. Whenever we need their expertise, we call the owner, Gierke, and he happily assists. Opening his welding shop to the ideas presented and, more importantly, making design ideas a reality.

A steel frame was made to house the pallet, which in turn would house the tools, and a coat of paint from left-over paint, a handle, wheels, and even a piece of ClearVu fencing [ an off-cut ] was used to close the pallet's bottom so that the tools would not slide through to the floor. Consideration was made to raise the tool trolley's frame off the floor, making cleaning the refuse/storage building's floor more efficient.

Brand new tools were donated by Lashers, to be included at hand over of the campus. Why? Because any assistance of material, tools, or.....?......means less cash outlay from our Founder or even the end-user of the campus.

A win-win!

If anyone requires expert welding services ora "tool trolley."please call:


EKG Welding

082 593 9639

Armadale Road Devland

just 1KM from

the Devland Soweto Education Campus

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