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People Ask Me...

"Getting to know me!"

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Weekend in the USA this weekend. Girl Scouts are some of the most bright-eyed and aggressive entrepreneurs around. If you lived in the United States, this would be your lucky day if you’re looking for another excuse to eat sweets all weekend. The Girl Scouts are staying home, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still honing their salesmanship and trying to get you to buy as many boxes of Thin Mints as you possibly can and finish them in one weekend.

Aggressive entrepreneur? That would be me. One of 7 children, growing up with many challenges, my escape was to join in as many activities at school and church as possible. At 8 years old, I joined the BROWNIES. After the BROWNIES, the Girl Scouts. Competition amongst the members was heated when it came time to raise funds in service of our community. After all, that is the mission of these organizations. We proudly wore a sash across our chest, over our uniforms, sewing onto the sash the badges we received for all our extraordinary work. I was so focused on those badges that I never thought about what it took to earn them. I just did what was expected and more. I guess we are all products of our environment, upbringing, and opportunities and activities. That would be true of my early childhood and into adulthood. I never shy from the opportunity to help others in business and philanthropic endeavors. If it means ASKING, now you know why it comes naturally to me. If I were in the states right now, I would be buying many boxes of those Thin Mints! My favorite!

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