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"What if we redesign the guardhouse roof slab?"

Ricky Vasconcelos, from CSS, Concrete Slab Supplies, suggests Concrete Slabs will donate all the material and assist with the building works. How could I say NO!

It was a normal weekend, catching up with emails, while preparing for the start of the next week. Reflecting on how much Ricky and his companies had already donated: 8,000 blocks and 1,200 lintels, I hesitated to ask for more; however, I still needed more blocks. My email was simply, "when next will you be coming past Soweto?"

Early Monday morning, a white SUV pulled into the construction site. To my surprise, Ricky had a board meeting that day in Johannesburg. He no longer manufactures blocks but he did find another area of the project where he offered to assist. The guardhouse roof slab.

Since the guardhouse is now complete, Fabricated Concrete, another of Ricky's companies, manufacturers of precast and prestressed concrete products, are looking at supplying the ramp wall coping, as well.

Ricky's companies are a few of the 174 companies that have supported Growing Up Africa, in building the Devland Soweto Education Campus. At a time when SA construction industry is being challenged from all directions, the industry has still been able to come together to build this most ambitious project.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

Yes, I want to help build sustainable communities for the future. Your generous support affords GUA the opportunity to scale their work and attracts tax benefits where applicable. GUA has a Level 4 BBBEE rating.

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