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Steel Studio Knows the Importance of Education and Giving Back...

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

When education underpins one's life journey, the message is clear. We are stronger and more equipped to face life's challenges.

The same can be said for stainless steel [ a form of steel containing chromium ], that is resistant to tarnishing and rust.

The campus design is sending a powerful message to the youth in Devland: " we are stronger, we are prepared, we are ready for whatever life throws our way. "

Steel Studio designed, manufactured, and installed for FREE [ the handrails and Bio-Dome ]. In all their glory, the stainless steel represents a bold gesture that relates to the architectural significance of the main building.

The infamous stainless steel BIO DOME, designed by UJ students, manufactured and installed by Steel Studio and Growing Up Africa.

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