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Tiber Construction Overwhelms on Unexpected Sponsorship

Shifting the paradigm.  Service and significance equal success. Using whatever it is, you produce as a product as a way of giving back to the world.  Tiber Construction, Fernando Cordosa, the Directors, and the company members committed early on to collect and deliver materials needed to build the campus project.  As time went on, so too, their contribution of time, professional advice, and more grew exponentially.   The unfaltering support GUA has received from TIBER has been unimaginable, without which the Devland Project would have struggled.  

"Our gratitude is immeasurable."

For 6 long years, we have relied on 94%  of the cost of the project with in-kind sponsorship, volunteers, and professionals working for free with very little cash.  We had overcome every possible obstacle, even those unimagined, when we started this mission to change lives in underserved areas of South Africa.

"What we have achieved is unprecedented." Now, our final task is to encourage others andYOU to join in this historic final stretch to complete a world-class education campus.

Everyone feels the pinch, what with the global pandemic, US elections, and uncertain outcomes, companies closing, and others fighting to survive.  Even during these times, GUA has been relentless and focused on completing the campus, all "hands-on-deck," working 7 days a week since June 3.  Social distancing on a construction site has brought challenges never before experienced. Some sponsors struggling to keep to their commitments, the biggest challenge we face.  

You, too, have the power to shape lives in underserved areas of South Africa and for many generations to come, and that power begins with your DONATION

Please tell everyone you know to do the same. 

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