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Trees, People And Mandela

"It is not where you start but how high you aim that matters for success" -Nelson Mandela

Well-acclaimed landscape architect, Patrick Watson, took part in the Mandela Day celebrations by donating over 14 trees to the Devland Soweto Education Campus. Patrick is a sought-after architect and his designs can be seen across the country and outside the continent in some of the most prominent casinos and private gardens.

After visiting the site, the concept was to donate trees that would create a relationship with the building. The trees were strategically planted to match this concept. We appreciate the time and effort of Mr. Watson and the landscaping team, not only for their contributions but also for reminding us that every effort goes a long way.

The best time to plant a tree

  • There have been so many developments on site that can be attributed to the seeds [contributions] that have been planted.

  • Celebrating Mandela Day in the midst of the pandemic has made us even more grateful.

If you haven't participated in Growing Up Africa's current project: the Devland Soweto Education Campus, now is the time. We are asking you to DONATE so we can accomplish the completion of the project. We have come a very long way, with very little to complete; however, there are some important areas that need your support. We are confident, in spite of the delays due to the pandemic, that we will reach our goal. Sadly, there are a number of companies that had to forego their sponsorship. Times are challenging for everyone!

The education campus, when completed, will be needed in the Devland Community, more than ever.

If we come together now and put in the hard work, along with your generous DONATION, we can facilitate the change that will impact the future for many.

-Benjamin Franklin says-

"An investment in KNOWLEDGE pays the best INTEREST"

Make your investment today. Your Donation will fuel our progress.

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