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Versus Paints Magic!

A call to VERSUS Paints? "Happy to do the work and supply the VERSUS paint and labor, all pro bono," replied the owner. Unlike a commercial project, humanitarian work often materializes "as and when" funding is available or in-kind sponsorship flows. The goalposts change by the nano-second. Who could plan for a global pandemic?

"We don't score a touchdown every time, but we keep moving the ball forward. If we are hitting 100% every time, we didn't set our goal high enough," says  Barack Obama.

This is true of humanitarian work, and it's a lifeline - "fundraising."  We intended to complete in 3 years; it's now 6 years. However, we did build far more than "a building,' as was the original intention. 

What did we build?  

7,000 m2 campus:  main building: 2,000m2, concrete volumes 1961m3, reinforcing steel 125 tons, a guardhouse, refuse building, pedestrian ramp, and gated entrance, perimeter fencing, and walls, landscaping including a park, site features, parking lot, amphitheater, and seating around the campus.  

"We are still not winning..........but when you think it's over, God will send you a MIRACLE, says Deborah.

Colors emote the spirit of Africa, with a skylight to magnify that spirit, intentionally designed for the Devland Soweto Education Campus lecture hall. 

 Devland Soweto Education Campus Classrooms receive a final coat of paint 

Devland Soweto Education Campus

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