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Water Connection

Time to Celebrate! Storm Water Connection Complete.....Finally!

In spite of the rain, we finally installed the storm water pipe. Monene Civils came to the party, completing the work for FREE. They didn't have their own TLB available, so they rented one on our behalf, sent one of their engineers to supervise, contributed the 17 lengths of 450 pipe, ending two years of anxiety!

DT purchased two pallets of paving bricks to repair the side walk on Jan de Necker, then rented a rammer for two days, paid the labour and purchased clay bricks for the two manholes.

In the surrounds of the comunity and campus, Growing Up Africa, Earth Civils and Tiber Construction contributed more than 250,000 pavers with local labor learning the skill to do the work. Jobs created, training pays off! The river sand was donated by Sand Shifters.

Thank you SMEC for the designs and to SMEC's Bontle & Tiber's Nthabiseng for motivating the way leave process to a seamless and successful end.

PS [DT]: "I just wish I had a Rand for every hour of labour spent clearing water from the bottom area of the site [ pre-connection ] each time it rained, over the past two years!!"

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