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We Often Say

Growing Up Africa is about to DONATE a Campus. Before the campus can be DONATED, [ Transfer of Ownership ], we have two areas to be completed. To date, 94% of the estimated value of the campus was donated in-kind by over 240+ suppliers, professionals, volunteers, and more. The remaining 6%? 6% Cash was invested to pay labor and items not sponsored. Lots of questions? The one that resonates most: " Will a much-needed break, after seven years, be my reward? "

" I would be most grateful if you considered making a lasting donation to Growing Up Africa, instead of gratitude sentiments."

We need to raise R 80,000 to pay the labor that will install the auditorium ceiling. All materials/equipment, a value of R 500,000, have been donated. The additional amount to be raised R 500,000 will enable a security screen to be installed on the exterior of the lecture hall. Formscaff has erected all scaffolding FREE of hire fees, to a value of R 120,000. "That's not cash but, it does mitigate the efforts to raise more cash, an impossible fete in any economic climate." .

That’s it! No more - no less. Let's see where YOU can make that one last donation. A small donation or a larger donation makes all the difference. EFT ABSA Bank Growing Up Africa NPO-PBO Acct: 4079634002 Branch Code 632005 A Section 18A Tax Certificate will be remitted by accountants, Charter Financial & Auditing.

I thank you in advance!

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